Kari Jobe – Be Still chords

Standard Tuning
Bb2 FHe is here for the broken
Dm7 Bb Csus Clife to the one who is undone
F C/EHe is peace to the wounded
Dm7 Gm7 Csus Chope for the helpless one
BbHe is here
Csus CHe is here
F Csus C Bb Be still my soul be still
Gm7 F CBe still my soul be still
F C/E Cm/Eb EbWait patiently upon the Lord
Gm7 Csus C FBe still my soul be still
C Bb F C Bb Csus C
C F C/EWhen the waves rise against me
Bb/D F/C Bb Csus Cand the wind tries to draw me away
F C/EI will stand on the mountain
Bb/D F/C Gm7 Csus Csafe in your arms I will sing... I will sing
F Bb2/Eb Bb2/DBe still... and know he is God
Bbm/Db He is here He is here
The ending is played the same as the chorus... see the other version of this song for a MUCH easier way to play it.
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