Kari Jobe – Always Enough chords

Title: Always Enough
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Majestic (Live) [2014]


Key: D

D      A  Bm

Verse I
D A BmI lift my hands to the highest of all
As I draw near
D A BmSurrender my life to Your promise, oh God
There is no other Chorus
G DI will find my life in You
BmYou're always enough
AAlways enough
G DLet the fullness of Your love
BmBe all I need
AAll I need
Verse II
D A BmConsume me, come like a fire, oh God
Reign in me
D A BmFor You alone will satisfy
There is no other Instrumental D G/D D G/D Bridge I
D G/DIf I have You, I have everything
DBut without You, I have nothing
Bridge II
D GIf I have You I have everything
(G)But without You, I have nothing
[SONG STRUCTURE] - Intro x2 - Verse I - Chorus - Verse II - Chorus x2 - Instrumental - Bridge I x4 - Bridge II x2 - Chorus - Instrumental x2 (chords of Chorus) - Chorus REPRISE - Bridge I x4
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