Kari Jobe – Only Your Love chords

Title: Only Your Love
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Majestic (Live) [2014]


[Song structure below]

C#m    A     E     G#m

Verse I
C#mYour love is strong and mighty
AIts jealousy unyielding
E G#mIt burns for me like a fire untamed
C#mYour love is all consuming
AYou never stop pursuing
E G#mNothing I could face could take it away
A BOh, oh, oh Your love
A B Oh, oh oh
AYour love is like no other
ENothing else satisfies
C#mIt flows through the deepest parts
BIt rests on the mountain high
AYour love is overwhelming
EBrought me to life again
C#mYour love, it lasts forever
BIn You there'll be no end
AOh, oh, only Your love
EOh, oh, only Your love
C#m BOh, oh, only Your love
Verse II
C#mNothing can separate us
AMany trials can't hide Your love
E G#mNo sorrow can wash it away
F#m C#m E How deep, how wide
F#m C#m BHow long, How high
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SONG STRUCTURE] - Intro - Verse I - Pre-Chorus - Chorus - Hook - Verse II - Pre-Chorus - Chorus - Hook - Bridge x2 - Chorus x2 - Hook
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