Kari Jobe – Saviors Here chords

G2 C2 Em7 Dsus (repeat)

Verse 1    
C2 G/B You bring hope
Em7You bring life
Dsus C2Awaken hearts, open eyes
G/B Em7With our voices, hear them rise
Dsus C2 We call these dry bones to come alive
G/B Em7You are faithful, You are true
Dsus We can always run to
C2 Love that never fails
G/B Arms that never close
Em7 Blood that covers sin
Dsus Grace that never ends
G2 C2You have saved us, You have won
Em7 Dsus Sin is broken, death is gone
G2 C2Freedom's found us, breakthrough's near
Em7 DsusIn Your presence, no more fear
C2Our Savior's here
G2Our Savior's here
Verse 2
C2 G/B Faith is stirring
Em7Hearts are free
Dsus C2Chains are broken when we believe
G/B Em7You are mighty, You come through
Dsus We can always run to
C2 Hallelujah
G Hallelujah
Am7 Em7 Dsus Hallelujah, Our God Saves
Tag You save us You free us You heal us You’re our Savior You opened the blind eyes Heal our sickness You alone Gave me a new life Our Savior’s here
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