Kari Jobe – Keeper Of My Heart chords

Title: Keeper of My Heart
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Majestic (Live) [2014]


Bm     G      D      A

Verse I
Bm GFrom the first to the last breath I breathe
D AThe Lord watches over me
Bm GYou hear my cry and You know every need
D AThe Lord watches over me
Bm G D AYou never fail me, God
Bm I lift my eyes
GI lift my eyes up
DMaker of the Heavens
AKeeper of my heart
BmI lift my hands
GI lift my hands up
DStanding in Your presence
AYou are never far
Verse II
Bm GI look to You where my help comes from
D AThe Lord watches over me
Bm GYour mercies are new with the morning sun
D AThe Lord watches over me
Bm G D AYou've never failed me, God
Bm GKeeper of my heart
DKeeper of my heart
AJesus, You are
GMy strength
AYou're never ending love
G AI know You have overcome
G/B AI'll sing when all is said and done
G Bm AYou're My hope, my only hope
BmKeeper of my heart
Keeper of my heart --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SONG STRUCTURE] - Intro - Verse I - Chorus - Verse II - Chorus x2 - Hook - Bridge x2 - Chorus x2 - Hook x2 - Ending
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