Kari Rueslatten – Exile chords

Exile / Kari Rueslåtten

Cm GmI just want to lay myself down
G# D#-BbDrink the illusions and let it all float away
Cm GmInto the river of voices
G# D#-BbOne of them will speak and tell me where to go
Cm GmI packed my thoughts and visions
G# D#-Bbheaded for the light on the other side
Cmalthough consoling was a myth
Gmthe tunnel was a con
G# D#-Bbi ran - but i never turned back
D# G#-Bb D# I have deported my own life
G#-BbInto this foolish splendour
D# G# BbI have brought the beauty of a soul
D# G#-Bb D#Cold and dark as the last day
G#-BbIs the image of the dream
D# G# BbThat made it all worth-while
CmIn exile
if there is a sign out there hiding come to me now or forever hold your peace you'll find me in my room in the guesthouse riding clouds that are hard to please when there is a fight i will be there it feels so good to do what one should not do and i play i gamble and stay i look - but i never turn back
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