Test Transmission tab with lyrics by Kasabian - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kasabian – Test Transmission tab

Kasabian - Test Transmission Solo

Tabbed by Dominic Mulligan
Email dpm_edinburgh at yahoo dot com

Song is in standard tuning (EADGBe)

The guitar can only really be heard during the
Use a clean tone and lots of delay.  Play along
with the song to get correct timing.


Riff one:

e --|-------------------|-------------------|B --o-------------------|-------------------|G --|-------------------|-------------------|D --|-------------------|--7~~~~------------|A --o--5--------7----9--|-------------------|E --|-------------------|-------------------|
Riff two:
e --|-------------------|-------------------|B --o-------------------|-------------------|G --|--9----7--6s4s6s4--|-------4~~~~-------|D --|-------------------|--5~~~~------------|A --o-------------------|-------------------|E --|-------------------|-------------------|
Order of play: Riff one x 2 Riff two x 1 Riff one x 3 Riff two x 1 Riff one x 1 s - slide ~ - vibrato
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