Lethean chords with lyrics by Katatonia - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Katatonia – Lethean chords

Em DHow long
C EmIs the pattern going to speak for you
Em D CHow far can your voice reach
EmYour song below the night
Em DFrom my view
CI can see you
EmShudder where you are standing
EmIn the vision
D CCyan blue
C AmNow
B EmOctober
C Am BThis time you won't be needing me
Em DTo run along the freeway
C EmTo weigh one's heart against the oncoming dark
Em DYou left me with the pills
C EmWe had plans but you couldn't make it
Em DThrough the trees
C Em What took you so long
Em DThe high grass
C EmWhat took you so long
Em DTranslate the fire
C EmThe venom's rush inside your heart
Em D CHow long can winter
EmColour your every word
Em DAnd the skyline
C EmPast the houses and the cities
Em DHyperopia
C EmCarmine red
C AmNow
B EmThis river
C AmThis time I will
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