Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle – Kiss And Say Goodbye chords

Kiss and Say Goodbye
Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Capo - Fret 2

C GCall me when you're coming to town
F CJust as soon as your plane puts down
GCall me on the telephone
F C E7 AmBut only if you're travelling alone
CCounting down the hours
C7 F Through the sunshine and the showers
CToday's the day
F Dm7 CYou're finally going to come my way
C GLet's make a date to see a movie
F CSome foreign film from gay Paris
GI know you like to think you've got taste
F C E7 AmSo I'll let you choose the time and place
CHave some dinner for two
C7 FIn some east side rendezvous
CThen we'll walk
F Dm7 CArm in arm around the block and talk
Em Am C C7To-night you're mine
C7 F Dm7 G Let's not waste time
D AI do believe the die is cast
G DLet's try and make the night-time last
AAnd I don't know where it's coming from but
G D F#7 BmI want to kiss you till my mouth gets numb
DI want to make love to you
D7 G Till the day comes breaking through
A7And when the sun is high in the sky
N/C D A7 DWe'll kiss and say goodbye
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