Kate Micucci - Happy Song chords

** I do not own this song, but the owner of this song is a badass!**

Chords: [E]... [A]... [B]
[E] is played for 8 beats
[A] and [B] alternate with 4 beats.

This song is really easy to play if you give it a listen first on youtube or something
Also my first tab so go easy on me =)

[E]I am happy, you are happy: let us
be happy together!
[A]Whether the weather is
[B]rainy or sunny
[A]I will always
[B]be your funny honeybunny ...
[Same pattern} I am lucky, you are lucky: let us get lucky together! Whether the weather is cloudy or breezy ... I'll be there to say: "Hey come on, let's take it easy!"
[A] [B]And isn't it nice to have the friends that you do
[A] [B]And isn't it nice that the sky is so blue?
[A] [B]And isn't it nice to say I love you?
[pause] Tchuga tchuga tchu tchu, Woo Woo! [Same pattern as verse] I am smiling you are smiling let us smile together. whether the weather is cloudly or stormy I will still be there in the morning I will make you breakfast in the morning
[E]I hope that you like Cereal!
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