Sweet Bells chords with lyrics by Kate Rusby - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kate Rusby – Sweet Bells chords

This is Kate Rusby's "Sweet Bells". It is tabbed for the accordion, without listening to 
the track. It may well be wrong, but it sounds good, and I hope it brings you some joy 
this christmas season!

C GWhile shepherds watched,
C FTheir flocks by night,
C G C F-CAll seated on the ground,
C G C FThe angel of the Lord came down,
C G C F-CAnd glory shone around.
C F C F GSweet Bells, Sweet chiming Christmas Bells
C F C F GSweet Bells, Sweet chiming Christmas Bells
G C F-CThey cheer us on our Heavenly way sweet chiming bells.
C G“Fear not,” said he,
C FFor mighty dread,
C G C F-CHad seized their troubled minds,
C G C F“Glad tidings of great joy I bring,
C G C F-CTo you and all mankind”.
CHORUS “To you in David’s, Town this day, Is born of David’s line. The Savior who is Christ the Lord, And this shall be the sign.” CHORUS “All glory be to, God on high, And to the earth, the earth be peace, Goodwill henceforth, From heaven to men, Begin and never cease” CHORUS Repeat first verse CHORUS x 2
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