Kathleen Edwards – Buffalo tab


Am                        C
The summer months left me alone
Am                   C        G
But the fall rolled in on the back of a storm
Am                     C
In the night you and I drove
Am            C     G
Have you ever seen lightning and snow?

Am                        C
All these weeks without a note
Am                  C
It's like a ticking clock
Every time that you phone
Am                        C
I've run aground truth be told
            Am       C
And when it comes to me
I'll let you know

      Dm     G
Don't be like that

Just my luck an Irish rose
In a drinking hole
I'd played a thousand one shows
What you need is to just go home
And when it comes to you
Don't leave it alone
      Dm      G
Don't be like that

Up ahead the roads were closed
And the Gennys ran most of Buffalo
The customs man at border control
Said yes you can go
But you won't make it home

      Dm      G
Don't be like that
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