Katy Perry – Spiritual chords

Chords by AdamD

No capo - Standard tuning

[Verse I]
G DmLay me down at your altar, baby
Bb Dm I'm a slave to this luck
G Dm Bb DmYour electric lips have got me speaking in tales
[Verse II] I have prayed for a power like you To see deep down in my soul Oh, you make me bloom like a flower at desert road [Pre-chorus]
G Magic, or one, or mystery
Dm All of you trying to work on me
Bb DmI would surrender myself
G Holy how, and heaven high
DmYou will open up my eyes
Bb DmAnd I'm finally here
G Eb Bb FThis is spiritual, under your spell
G Eb Bb FPhenomenon, the way you make me feel
G Eb Bb FLike an angel, oh, at blow
G Eb Bb F Like a feather, you make me float
[Verse III] Love you crazy kite on your left Lost in sweet ecstasy Found a nirvana finally [Pre-chorus + Chorus] [Bridge] Eb Gm F x2 [Chorus] x2
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