Keaton Henson – Milk Teeth chords

Am   Em   G   Am/F   x2

[Verse 1]
Am EmDon't think of me like that
G Am/FJust picture me leaving and not coming back
Am EmI sat where we sat
G Am/F (+)Just picking the labels and lighting a match
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Am Em GDarling, your arms are on backwards you know
Am/FCourse you know
Am Em GDarling, you ache from my love and it shows
Am/F (+)Let it go
G C FOne day you'll drink from my bones
G C FAnd scream as you rip out my throat
G F C (+)Don't let me, don't let me go
Em G Am (+)Ooooooo-ooooooh
[Verse 2]
Am EmAnd it hasn't hurt you yet
G Am/FAnd this is your home now so don't you forget
Am EmIs it love you regret?
G Am/F (+)In that case you won't be returning, I guess
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Am Em GDarling, your eyes are so still when you speak
Am/FDo they weep?
Am Em G Am/F (+)And darling, you just haven't spoken all week
G C FOne day they'll drink from our bones
G C FAnd sigh as they stared at our throats
G F CAnd just take me, just take me home
G F CJust take me, just take me home
Em G Am Oooh-nooo
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