Polyhymnia chords with lyrics by Keaton Henson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Keaton Henson – Polyhymnia chords

F#m  G  D  X2
Bm  G   Em  D
Bm  G  D  G  D
D  G  D

F#m G DPolly won't you kick in my teeth?
F#m G D ABurn all my songs, leave me out on the street
F#m G DPolly won't you stand on my neck?
F#m G D ADo what you have to, I'll write you a check
Bm G Em D X2
Bm G Em DYou tell me my words are a waste of no's
Bm GAnd I said "do you love me?"
Em DYou say you don't know
Bm G Em DAnd I'll live my life like a man on the ropes
Bm GWhen I say "do you love me?"
Em DSay you don't know
F#m G DPolly won't you put out my eyes?
F#m G D ATell me you're sleeping with those other guys
F#m G DAnd Polly won't you bite off my tongue?
F#m G D AMake me feel heartache like when I was young
G DDrive me out of my mind
A DI'll be yours and you'll be mine
G DBaby haunt me when you die
A DJust give me time, just give me time
G DI need pain for my art
A DTake my lungs, break my heart
GJust don't leave me
DBaby stay here
A DI can't bear to be apart
GBaby stay here
DPlease don't leave me
A DI can't bear to be apart
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