Keith Getty - Speak O Lord chords

SPEAK O LORD             (1 Cor. 2:9-10)
Key: C

Verse 1
F/A G/B C2 F CSpeak, O Lord, as we come to You
F C Am G/BTo receive the food of Your holy word
F/A G/B C2 F CTake Your truth, plant it deep in us
F C/E F G CShape and fashion us in Your likeness
C/E G G/F C/E That the light of Christ
Gsus/F G9/F C2/Amight be seen today
G G/F C/E In our acts of love
Am Gsus Gand our deeds of faith
F/A G/B C2 Speak, O Lord, and
F C F C/Efulfill in us all your purposes
F Gsus G CFor Your glo - ry
F2 C2/E F2 Gsus G Verse 2
F/A G/B C2 F CTeach us Lord full obedience
F C Am G/BHoly reverence, true humility
F/A G/B C2 F CTest our thoughts and our attitudes
F C/E F G CIn the radiance of Your purity
C/E G G/F C/E Cause our faith to rise
Gsus/F G9/F C2/ECause our eyes to see
G G/F C/E Am Gsus GYour majestic love and authority
F/A G/B C2 F CWords of power that can never fail
F C/E F Gsus G CLet their truth prevail over un - belief
F2 C2/E F2 Gsus G Verse 3
F/A G/B C2 F CSpeak, O Lord, and renew our minds
F CHelp us grasp the heights
Am G/Bof Your plans for us
F/A G/B C2 F CTruths un - changed from the dawn of time
F C/E F G CThat will echo down through eternity
C/E G G/F C/EAnd by grace we’ll stand
Gsus/F G9/F C2/Eon Your prom - ises
G G/F C/E And by faith we’ll walk
Am Gsus Gas You walk with us
F/A G/B C2 F2 CSpeak, O Lord, till Your church is built
F C/E F And the earth is filled
Gsus G C with Your glo - ry
F2 C2/E F2 Gsus G C
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