Keith Harkin – Dont Forget About Me chords

This is my first tab, so go easy on me! I've played this along with the actual 
song and it follows almost exactly what Keith sings, so it's pretty accurate. 
Reason why it's not the actual guitar part is because he plays a 12 string and 
these are the chords for a six string. If there are any mistakes, please let me 
know! 1v: 1st verse, C: Chorus, B: Bridge

Capo on third fret

Intro: G D C

G1v: I've a heart it's in a million pieces
G Got a soul and he's threatening to leave me
G D C D He said he's on the runaway train from me
G I'll get my rest in another lifetime
G And make it up to him
G D C D My feet are runnin' a million miles ahead of me
G DC: Forget about east, forget about west
C D Go where the weather suits you best
G D Forget about north, head for the south
C D Sunshine is there all year around
Emin D C I don't know where my heart is leadin' me
G D Forget about wisdom, head for the coast
Emin C D Help me forget the things that seem to hurt the most
G D C Just don't forget about me
G 2v: Well I've a home it's somewhere on the island
G It's green and white and it's gold
G D C D Someday I'll be passin' through for you
G I left that girl back there in the hometown
G She said her love grew old
G D C D God knows I wished I hadn't left her alone
Chorus once
Amin Emin CB: Oh, nothin' really matters, oh no
Amin Emin D It's just the way it is
Chorus once (end on G) (note: when I play the D, I'll shift from D to Dsus4 even to Dsus2 just to add a bit of flavor to the song. And if you listen carefully to the song, you can hear strumming patterns. Thanks for viewing my tab, hope it helps!)
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