Stand Out chords with lyrics by Keke Palmer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Keke Palmer – Stand Out chords

INTRO: G,  Dsus4,  Cadd9 x2

G Dsus4 Cadd9 When I see myself in the mirror
G Dsus4 Cadd9 Is this really me?
G D Cadd9 When I take off all my make-up
Asus4 G Dsus4 That's the person I should be
Cadd9 G Dsus4 Em7On this day I'll finally listen to what's been calling me
Cadd9 G Dsus4 Em7All it takes is letting go of whatever people think of me
Cadd9 G Dsus4 Em7This way I'll stand out and break away to be free
Cadd9 G Asus4Happiness is what I can't live without
Cadd9 G Dsus4 Em7It's time to stand out
Cadd9 G Asus4It's time to stand out
GIt's time to stand out
Asus4 Dsus4 G I'm holding on to what's real
Cadd9That's what matters to me
Asus4 Dsus4 G I'm still searching for me
Cadd9 Asus4 Dsus4 GI'll search and do a------nything that I can
Cadd9I've made up my mind
Dsus4I will take a stand
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