Keller Williams - Stunt Double chords

Keller Williams - Stunt Double

C    G   C   G

C GI've tried batches and batches of downers
F EBags of grasses from young out-of-towners
F Fm C Bsus?I've seen the world through blue tinted glasses
Am F GMy mustache is making my lip sore
F G CAnd I've seen all my nightmares before
C GWell I've talked my way out of some trouble
F EI ran nose first straight into some more
F Fm C Bsus?Where is my stunt double
Am F G FRubble has barracaded my door
EEach night begins a new day
C F GPlease tell me where have I heard that one before
F G CAnd I've seen all my nightmares before
F C Bsus?My eyelashes are heavy and my hands are unsteady
Am F GI reckon I'll just lie here on the floor
F G C Bsus? Am FAnd I've seen all my nightmares before-------------
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