Keller Williams – Restraint chords

I figured this out in a few minutes, so it's not perfect yet. But it's a good start...

He's got the whole guitar dropped half a step (so Db, not D like a lotta Keller tunes).

Then the chords are as follows... Keep in mind they're all relative to standard tuning, 
while the first chord is played as an F#, it's actually a G... cool? Watch the video he voices a lot of the chords in First position bar for his hammer on stuff
Verse F# - A - B - Esus2 F# - A - B (crazy trill hammer on thing) Pre Chorus is something like c#m7 - B - A - B Chorus is F# - A - E F# - A - B
c#m - A - Bor something like that. Sorry this was semi rushed. As I work it out more I'll post.
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