Kelly R - I Believe I Can Fly tab

Titile: I Believe I Can Fly
Artist/Band: Erik Santos
Chords BY: Charlie Edsel Valera
           BS_NURSING 3rd Year Level
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C                                   CAug
I used to think that i could not go wrong
C                            CAug
and life was nothing but a awful song
      C                       Fm
but now i know the meaning of true love
        C                  CAug
im leavfing on the everlasting arms

           Am             Am+M7
if i can see it, then i can do it
                  C                   G
if i jsut believe it, theres nothing to it

                A                           Am
i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky
i think about it every night and day
spread my wings and fly away
i believe i can soar
i see running through that open door
i belive i can fly 
i belive i can fly 
oh i believe i can fly

   C             Fm/C
see i was on the verge of breaking down
    C                Fm/C
smotimes in silence can seem so loud
      C              Fm/C
thse are miracle in life i must achieve
      C              Fm/C
but first i know it starts inside of me

(Refrain, Chorus)
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