Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools Drank tab

Kendrick Lamar
"Swimming Pools"
good kid, m.A.A.d. City

Good song. Decided to make a tab.
Make your own rhythm.
Sounds better on acoustic though.

Standard Tuning (e B G D A e)

Chords are G or ?, Eminor, Bminor, C#minor or C#minor Power Chord

e--3----2--0-------2-------0----------4--| B--0----0--0-------3-------2----------5--| G--0----0--0-------4-------1----------6--| D--0----0--2-------4-------2----------6--| A--2----2--2-------2-------0----------4--| E--3----3--0-----------------------------|
I'm usin' C#minor Power Chord but use whatever feels right to you. Intro / Pre Verse / Verse 1st Half
Verse 2nd Half / Chorus
Basically It's... Intro Pre Verse Verse 1 (1st Half) Verse 1 (2nd Half) Chorus Pre Verse Verse 2 (1st Half) Verse 2 (2nd Half) Chorus Verse 3 (1st Half) Verse 3 (2nd Half) Chorus Enjoy. Tabbed by X8<-(Triggar8)->8X 11/17/12
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