Kenny Chesney – Summertime chords

Summertime by Kenny Chesney

* - Last Chorus only

Intro is played E  F#  A (x2), Second guitar plays E|-0-0-| with a Wah.

ESummertime is finally here
EThat ole ball park man is back in gear
AOut on 49, man I can see the lights
ESchool's out the night's roll in
EMan just like a long lost friend
AYou ain't seen in a while, you can't help but smile
E F# AAnd it's two bare feet on the dashboard
BYoung love and an old Ford
E F# ACheap shades and a tattoo and a yoo-hoo
BBottle (rollin')* on the floorboard
E F# APerfect song on the radio
B ASing along cause it's one we know
AIt's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine
E F# AIt's summertime
E F# A BSweet summertime
ETemperature says 93 down at the deposit
E AAnd guarantee but that swimmin' hole it's nice and cold
EBikini bottoms underneath
EBut the boys hearts still skip a beat
AWhen them girls shimmy off them ole cutoffs
D AThe more things change the more they stay the same
F#m EDon't matter how old you are
A BMan you know what I'm talking bout yeah baby when you got...
CHORUS Outro: E F# A B (repeat)
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