Kenny Chesney – Aint Ever Going Back Again chords

Ain't Ever Going Back Again - Kenny Chesney
Tabbed by: gamerjrs

**Half-Step down**

It is hard to tell what exact chord variatons he is using but the ones below are close.

Cadd9 G D Em7 D/F# Bm Ame|--3----3---2---3----3----2---0|B|--3----3---3---3----3----3---1|G|--0----0---2---0----2----4---2|D|--x----0---0---2----0----4---2|A|--3----x---x---2----0----2---0|E|--x----3---x---0----2----x---x|
Intro: G Cadd9 G
GI ain't ever going back again
Cadd9I'm happy in the place I'm in
Em7Surrounded by my best friends
D/F# G DThat I just met today
GA toast to Sara and a toast to Sam
Cadd9Here's to jamming to this three quarter jam
Em7Let the world go on, I don't give a damn
D/F# G Cadd9 GI ain't ever going back again
Em7 Bm Am G (Cadd9 G) I'm gonna stay down here for the whole season
Em7 Bm Am Em7 D (D/F# D)And when the season's done, I still ain't leaving
Bm Am Em7 'Cause lately I've given up on making sense
D Am Out of life and love so I'm gonna stay
D (D/F# D)And like The Band, I'm gonna drift away
(Same chords as first verse) I ain't ever going back again I'm feeling comfortable in my skin A little numb but I'm on the mend Yeah, I think I'm gonna be okay A toast to Sheila and a toast to Jane I may never know their last names But it don't matter in the shape we're in I ain't ever going back again
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