Kenny Rankin - Regrets chords

REGRETS – Kenny Rankin
Tabbed by: Gabby Saavedra II

Intro: A9-FM7/A-E7sus-E7

A9 A9I wish that I could take back With every angry word I said
AM7 AM7All the things I've done to hurt you Your love for me was dying
A7 F#7sus A7 F#7susI didn't mean to be so cruel Each word left a lasting scar
Bm7 Bm7Yet I know that I've been selfish And right now I feel so
D E7sus-E7-And at times, a jealous fool helpless
D Wishin’ I could change the way
A9 E7sus-E7And every thoughtless thing I've done things are
AM7Keeps comin' back to haunt me
A7 F#7sus (Repeat chorus except last word) 'Cause you took each one too hard Bm7 Coda: (fade) And as I realize that it's my fault D E7sus-E7 (Chorus chords except last word) We've grown worlds apart Regrets, regrets For my mistake in thinkin’ only of myself CHORUS: All that I have left are these
A9 C#m7 regrets, regretsI have regrets, regrets Thinkin’ only of myself
F#m7 Em7 A7 All that I have left are these For my mistake in thinking regrets
DM7 C#m7 only of myself (Repeat)
Bm7 E7susAll that I have left are
E7 A9 C#m7these regrets, regrets
F#m7 Em7 A7The things I did that somehow
DM7 C#m7you just can't forgive
Bm7 E7susI guess I'll have to live
A9-FM7-E7suswith these regrets
A9If I could right the wrong I've done
AM7Maybe I could stop your leavin'
A7 F#7susBut there's much I'm guilty of
Bm7And it's too late to say I'm sorry
D E7sus-E7Bein' sorry is not enough
(Repeat chorus except last word) Adlib- ...... regrets Adlib: FM7-BbM7-Bm7-A/C# DM7-F#m7-B7sus-B7- FM7-E7sus pause
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