Kenny Rogers – You Decorated My Life chords

G CAll my life was a paper, Once plain, pure and white
G GTill you moved with your pen, changin' moods now and then
CTill the balance was right
G CThen you added some music, ev'ry note was in place
G G CAnd anybody could see all the changes in me by the look on my face
G C G C B7 Em And you.... decorated my life....., created a world where dreams are
G C G C B7 Em And you.... decorated my life..., By paintin' your love all over my
Am Dheart...
You decorated my life *Like a rhyme with no reason in an unfinished song There was no harmony life meant nothin' to me, until you cam along And you brought out the colors, what a gentle surprise Now I'm able to see all the things life can be shinin' soft in your eyes
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