For The Lord Is Marching On chords with lyrics by Kent Henry - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kent Henry – For The Lord Is Marching On chords

[Verse 1]
BmFor the Lord is marching on
BmAnd His army is ever strong
G A Bmand His glory shall be seen upon our land
[Verse 2]
BmRaise the anthem sing the victor's song
BmPraise the Lord for the battle's won
G A BmNo weapon formed against us shall stand
G DFor the captain of the host is Jesus
G DWe're following in His footsteps
G A BmNo foe can stand against us in the fray
[Verse 3]
BmWe are marching in Messiah's band
BmThe keys of vict'ry in His mighty hand
G A BmLet us march on to take our promised land
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