Flyway chords with lyrics by Kero Kero Bonito - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kero Kero Bonito – Flyway chords

DA flock across my window
GGone when I look around
DUntil the sun gets longer
GThey're getting out of town
F#m BmWhere on earth in the world
Em7Do they go?
A G F#m7 Bm7Do their feathers freeze stiff
Em7In the snow?
GHow should I know?
DBut I can bet you they'll come
Gmaj7 GBack to the same old tree
DSince I was crawling they've been
Gmaj7Watching over me
F#m7 Bm7In the gardens
Em7That ripple in the water
A7 G F#m7Climbing higher up
Bm7 Em7 Gm7Where nobody sees
C G DLook at the sky and spot the green
G D Gmaj7 A
G F#m BmAnd I heard that they weren't
Em7Meant to stay
A G F#m BmAnywhere the air chokes
EmOr they get
Gm GOn the flyway
D Gmaj7So ride the rising currents
D GI trust that I will see you again
D Gmaj7When I pick up the courage
Dmaj7 GI hope that I can join you someday
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