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Ketchum Hal – Past The Point Of Rescue tab


Am				G
Last night I dreamed you were back again
F	      C            G	     Am	
Larger than life again, holding me tight again
Am			   G
Placing those same kisses on my brow
 F     	      C		G	Am
Sweeter than ever now, Lord I remember how

G				Am		
Couldn't get enough of kissing, do you know how much I'm missing
G		    D7
No you don't, but I do


       C     			F		  C      
But I do, and I wonder if I'm past the point of rescue
 F		 C   		Am		  G
Is no word from you at all the best that you can do
I never meant to push or shove you
Do you know how much I love you
G		   D7
No you don't but I do

Days like a slow train trickle by
Even the words that I write refuse to fly
All that I can hear is your song haunting me
Can't get the memory out of my head, you see
Distractions I've been using
Do you know how much you're losing
No you don't, but I do

By:Rochelle Pandita & J.D 
Me and My cuz Found this eazy to do!!
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