Kevin Bloody Wilson - Darlin Im So Horny tab

Band - Kevin Bloody Wilson
Album - Kalgoorlie Love Songs
Song - Darlin' I'm So Horny
Tabbed by - Taylor Wasielewski(Singer/ Guitarist of Cantopulous)

Intro: C   G   F   C G C

Verse 1:
    C                                                   F
The kids are at ya mother's place, the house is finally ours.
        G                       F                  C
There's bugger all on tele, and we're just sittin' around.
       C                                                           F
And ya look all right in the light tonight and I'm down to socks and skids.
You're a walk up start for a fuck tonight so go and put ya teeth in.

       C                            F
'Cause darlin' I'm so horny I could die.
G                                             F                C
I'd fuck a chicken on a chain tonight just to see the feathers fly.
     C                                                      F
I'll drown in backed up bodily fluids if I don't get a fuck tonight.
       G                            C
'Cause darlin' I'm so horny I could die.

C   G   F   C G C

Verse 2:
   C                                                    F
So you slip out of your canvas nighty, I'll kick off me skids.
   G                                            F                         C
Ya just can't beat a good old fashion fuck, ta' help ya get a good nights sleep.
   C                                                      F
So grab the jar of vasaline, and drag ya arse across the room.
Prepare to meet thy baby maker, prepare to meet thy doom.

Play Chorus:

C   G   F   C G C

Verse 3:
   C                                                  F
So clear the table Mabel, let me grab a hold of those tits.
G                                           F                 C
One, two, three, four, foreplay's over, now let's get down to business.
        C                                                                      F
I got a hard-on here that a cat couldn't scratch, so ya better get a bucket of ice.
Been a bit a back pressure buildin' up, so darlin' hang on tight.

Play Chorus twice:

   G                            C
Oh darlin' I'm so horny I could die.
   G                            C
Oh darlin' I'm so horny I could die.

C   G   F   C G C
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