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a good man doesnt drink, well ive been drinking alone so what does that make me? my hands they always shake and no ones calling my phone so what does that make me? and i know the kid with his guitar so drunk and anxious hes been done to death but tell me what hasnt and ill try it because im selfish enough to wanna get better but im backwards enough not to take any steps to get there and when you realize its a pattern and not a phase its what youve become and its what you will stay thats ballgame
-0---------------------------0-------0------0-----0-------------|-0---------------------------0-0-0-0-0--0h2---0h2---0-0h2-0-----|-1---------------------------1-2-4-4-1----------------------2-1-|-2---------------------------2-4-6-2-2--------------------------| x3-0---------------------------0-0-0-0-2--------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|cause I dont got room.. in my life... for anyone elseive driven away all the people that could helpand i still dont even know what i need to do to fix myself (whoo!)
well theres a clamp around my chest that tightens everytime i laps into another sorry story about my miserable collapse a bronz box i keep incased in glass and dust off whenever i want your pity cause lately ive had to come to grips with scope and figure how my problems stack up in a world two steps from ruin well everyone says its rapture, well either way i realize my shits about as small as it could be wich makes me feel worse for even feeling this bad in the first place (in the live version he strums then mutes where theres a *) (and lets ring where theres a ~ )
---------------- ~ ----------|---------------0 ~ ----------|---------------4 ~ ----------|---------------6 ~ ----------|---------------0 ~ ----------|---------------- ~ ----------|cause theres a war starting soon and all the flags will be waving
--------- ~ ---------------------------- * -------- * ------------~--------0 ~ ----------------------------0* --------0* ------------~--------4 ~ ----------------------------4* --------4* ---------1--~--------6 ~ ----------------------------6* --------6* ---------2--~--------0 ~ ----------------------------0* --------0* ---------2--~--------- ~ ---------------------------- * -------- * ------------~daniels twenty year old friend will be ready and willing and waiting
---------- ~ ------------------|---------- ~ ------------------|-1---1---1 ~ ------------------|-2---2---2 ~ ------------------|-2---2---2 ~ ------------------|---------- ~ ------------------|hes a marine and he told me
-0---------------------------0-------0------0-----0-------------|-0---------------------------0-0-0-0-0--0h2---0h2---0-0h2-0-----|-1---------------------------1-2-4-4-1----------------------2-1-|-2---------------------------2-4-6-2-2--------------------------|-0---------------------------0-0-0-0-2--------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|it makes me sad really fucking sad, atleast hell actill just bite my tongue and then say daniel you wish him lucki pray that he comes back, for his mothers sakeand then ill drink those thoughts away, ive gotten good at that
-4-4-4-4---2-----------|-5-5-5-5---2---0-0-0-0-|-6-6-6-6---4---1-1-1-1-|-6-6-6-6---4---2-2-2-2-| x 2-4-4-4-4---2---2-2-2-2-|-4-4-4-4---2---0-0-0-0-|
-0---------------------------0-------0--|-0---------------------------0-0-0-0-0--|-1---------------------------1-2-4-4-1--|-2---------------------------2-4-6-2-2--|-0---------------------------0-0-0-0-2--|----------------------------------------|yeah when you realize its a pattern and not a phaseits what youve become and its what you will stay thats ballgamewhoah thats ballgame
(on the live video I saw he uses a quote from a Brand New song)
-4-4-4-4---2-----------|-5-5-5-5---2---0-0-0-0-|-6-6-6-6---4---1-1-1-1-|-6-6-6-6---4---2-2-2-2-| repeat until end-4-4-4-4---2---2-2-2-2-|-4-4-4-4---2---0-0-0-0-|
im sinking like a stone in the sea and im burning like a bridge for your body this took forever, enjoy it.
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