Kevin Fowler – Hell Yeah I Like Beer chords

Hell Yeah I Like Beer

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (G) | (G) | (A) | (A) | (C) | (C) | (G) | (G)

She was a-(G)lone at a table for two, I said, now's the time to make my move
So I got me a beer and I bought her a Sex On The (D)Beach

She saw that (C)umbrella stuck in the glass, that chunk of pineapple made her laughShe took the beer from my hand and said, "Thank you, man"
I didn't (D)take her for the longneck kindShe said, "Boy, have you lost your mind?"
(Chorus) Hell (G)yeah, I like (B7)beer, it gets me (C)grinnin' from ear to (G)ear Not just every now and (A)then, I'm talkin' (C)365 (D)days a year I can (G)do it around the (B7)clock, I don't (C)like it just a little, I (A)like it a lot Even (C)hot, hell (D)yeah, I like (G)beer Inst.: --- | (G) | (B7) | (B7) Ooh, I (C)love it | (D) | (G) | (G) Yeah, it's (C)good for your heart, it's (G)good for your mind It's (D)good for gettin through a (G)lonely all night (C)Everybody knows you shouldn't (G)drink too much So (A)why'd it always seem like it's (D)never enough Repeat Chorus Everybody now, come one! Repeat Chorus Hell (C)yeah, hell (D)yeah, I like (G)beer Yes I (A)do, hell (C)yeah, hell (D)yeah I like (G)beer
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