Kevin Sharp – Nobody Knows It But Me chords

This is how I play this and all the words are correct. These chords work for me.

The G I use is played adding the 3rd fret of the B string and using the
pinky to play the high e. I don't know the exact name, it's just shown as G on the 
chord charts I could find, 

G (W/D) is a walk down from the G to the Em

G DI pretend that I'm glad you went away,
Em DAnd these four wall's close in more everyday
Cadd9 D G DAnd I'm dyin inside, and nobody knows it but me.
G DLike a clown I put on a show,
Em DThe pain is real even if nobody knows
Cadd9 D G (W/D)And I'm cryin inside, and nobody knows it but me.
Em DWhy didn't I say the things I needed to say,
Cadd9 DHow could I let my angel get away.
Em DNow my world is just a, tumbling down,
Cadd9 Cadd9I can see it so clearly, that your nowhere around.
G DThe nights are so lonely the days are so sad, and
Em DI just keep thinkin about the love that we had
Em Cadd9 GAnd I'm missin you, and nobody knows it but me
Interlude: G D Em D Em Cadd9 G (W/D)
Em DHow blue can I get, you can ask my heart
Cadd9 D Just like a jigsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart
Em DA million words couldn't say, just how I feel
Cadd9 Cadd9A million years from now you know, I'll be lovin you still
Repeat Chorus
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