Best Days tab with lyrics by Kicks - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kicks – Best Days tab

Artist: Graham Colton
Song: Best Days
Album: Here Right Now

All chords played like the open C form.
Hammer the middle finger whenever the mood strikes you.

Intro (x2)e--3--3--3--3--|B--1--1--1--1--|G--0--0--0--0--|D--2--0--2--0--|A--3--2--0--2--|E-----------3--|
Chorus:e--3--3--3--3----3----3--|B--1--1--1--1----1----1--|G--0--0--0--0----2----0--|D--2--0--2--0----3----0--|A--3--2--0--2----x----2--|E-----------3---------3--| x2, then repeat final two chords
Tabbed by: Tony Jaeger
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