Sunny Days tab with lyrics by Kid British - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kid British – Sunny Days tab

Amazed there r no KiD BRiTiSH tabs anywhere. Great band great songs. cant w8 for 
sunny days 2 come out!!

C           F                         Am  
Sunny days/ I know are quite rare but I don’t care/
Cos I'm still happy, oh so happy/
                      C                           F
With the world and I/ What about a pretty girl (Well)/
Maybe yes but I’m ok/
I’ve had enough heart break through the day/

No frills just beans on toast tonight/

Verse 1

Well no more sunny days/
F                        E
Not even a glimmer of the sun’s rays/
          F                  E 
It’s just me and my mate sky sports/
F                          E
Now your gone I’m watching too much sky sports/
What am I doing, where am I going I don’t know today/
F                                        E
One plate on the table, there used to be two/
F                               E  
Now your gone I'm even watching countdown/
F                                E 
I bet your with your friends all around town/
F                                  E  
You're the only thing that I think about most/
Looks like its just me, my beans and toast/


Verse 2

I feel low I've already shedded a tear/
Surrounded by pizza boxes and flat beer/
I’ve got a headache now, one to many/
I’m confused I thought things were going well/
But it turns out that wasn’t the case/
You told me we’re over, bad news down the phone/
I just wanted to see your face for the last time/
Maybe I could change your thought on your last line/
Its you that I think about most/
Looks like it just me, my beans and toast/


Middle 8

C                     F    
I’m alone and that’s ok/
            C               F 
And there’s nothing more to say/
C                        F                
I'll just get on with my life/
C                        F              
Now you’re gone now your gone/

Chorus x 2

Hope u like the tab. it is very easy and should b fun 2 play loud :)
tabbed by Jojo Osborne
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