Killers – To You tab

"To You"  By Mason Jennings
Tabbed by Jay Cobbs

**Tune 1/2 Step down**

Intro: D  DMaj7  G  GMaj7

D                       DMaj7
I'm gonna say what I've wanted to say
              G               GMaj7
Since I first saw you on that rainy day
When you caught me looking and I made you laugh
Honey I know you, I always have

And if this world is just a random bed
Then there'd be no good reason why we would have met
But if there's something bigger if there's something planned
Honey I want you to understand

D                     Am
That every beat of my heart is proof
     G                       Em
I've spent my life trying to get back home

D   Dmaj7     G  GMaj7
to you__ oh oh ho (repeat)

I'm gonna do what I've wanted to do
I'm gonna trust my heart and give it back to you
Every time I speak I wanna say your name
Honey I know you feel the same

When we're talking and you look at me
I feel a distant memory coming back to me
Like my own reflection on a quiet lake
Honey I see you, there's no mistake

And every word that I say is true
I've spent my life trying to get back home

to you-- oh oh ho --- to you ---- oh oh ho-- to you----

(This is not the right strum pattern -just the right notes- just listen to
the song. It's pretty easy to figure out)

e--2---5/7-5-x---5-3-x---3-2-0-2----|b--3-----5-5-5---3-3-3---3-3-3-3----|g--2-----5-5-5---4-4-4---3-3-3-3----| x2D--------5-5-5---5-5-5---0-0-0-0----|A-----------------------------------|E-----------------------------------|
(Intro Repeat) I'm gonna be who I've wanted to be I will become the man who you deserve from me No more hiding out behind the mountains of fear Honey we're breaking outta here The open road and the sky above Nothing can hold us back from the things we love You need not save your strength, untie your safety rope You will not need it, all you need is hope Pre-Chorus: And every dream that we have is true I've spent my life trying to get back home Chorus: to you___ oh oh ho to you___Oooh oh ho oh ho oh ho to you___ oh oh ho to you___ Guitar Instrumental End on D
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