Killers – Mr Brightside chords

D D Comin' out of my cage
GAnd I've been doin' just fine
A DGotta, gotta be down because I want it all
D D It started out with a kiss
GHow did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss
A DIt was only a kiss
D D Now I'm fall asleep
GAnd she's callin' a cab
GWhile he's havin' a smoke
A DAnd she's takin' a drag
D D Now they're goin' to bed
GAnd my stomach is sick
GAnd it's all in my head
EmBut she's touching his chest now
AHe takes off her dress now
GLet me go!
EmAnd I just can't look
A GIt's killing me
G DTakin' control
G EmTurnin' saints into the sea
A DTurnin' through sick lullaby's
G EmChokin' on your allibies
A DBut it's just the price I pay
G EmDestiny is callin' me
A D GOpen up my eager eyes
A D'Cause I'm Mr Brightside!
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