Killers – Happy Birthday Guadalupe chords

Artist: The Killers featuring Wild Light and Mariachi El Bronx
Title: ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!

I take no credit for this. All credit goes to crmrz in the ultimate-guitar forums.
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intro :
C F C G (2) C


Well I (C)woke up Christmas morning and (F)what did I see?
I saw a (C)lovely señorita looking (G)back at me
Named Guada(C)lupe, with (F)big brown eyes
(C)Boy what did you do this (G)time?

Made my (C)excuses and a beeline for the (F)bedroom door
She was (C)beggin’ and a-pleadin’, screamin’, “(G)Por favor,
Mi cumple(C)años, (F)stay with me,
(C)Baby it’s cold out(G)side”


(F)We are livin’ in a (C)difficult time (G)
(F)We’ve been walkin’ down a (C)difficult line (G)
(F)Put your feet up baby, it’s (C)Christmas time (G)
Cumple(Dm)años fe(G)liz
Happy Birthday Guada(C)lupe

Verse, chorus...


(Am)Deck the (F)halls with (C)rosa(Em)ries
(Am)Wish u(F)pon a (C)Christmas (G)tree
(Am)Silent (F)night please (C)come to (Em)me
(Am)Bearing (F)gifts from (G)my… my Mexican angel

C F C G (2)

At night I (C)wake up cold and lonely, (F)bustin’ at the seams
She haunts (C)the early morning hours of (E7)December dreams
My Guada(Am)lupe, with (F)big brown eyes
I wanna (C)break the spell tonight(G)


...Cumple(Dm)años fe(G)liz
Happy Birthday Guada(F)lupe C G

F C G (2) Dm G

Happy Birthday Guada(F)lupe (C)
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