Killers – Runaways chords

The song starts out with a synth sound, it's a G# on the 13th fret of the 3rd 
string (sounds better on higher frets with an amp) and then it becomes a C# which 
is the 14th fret on the 2nd string. You don't have to play that part.

Then it goes into some easy chords. Chords needed: A D G


D A G x2
G D A This continues with the verse:
D A GBlonde hair blowin' in the summer wind
G D ABlue-eyed girl playin' in the sand
D A GI've been on a trail for a little while
G D AAnd that was the night that she broke down and held my hand
You can continue this pattern for a little while, it's not hard to follow. When the song speeds up, I change to eighth notes. I'll tab the rest later once I've listened to it a bit more. You can probably follow through the entire song with those chords if you wanted to. Hope this helps.
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