Killing Heidi – Leave Me Alone tab

Song : Leave me alone
Band : Killing Heidi
Tabbed by: Alistair Clark


E-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------------| X 4D-------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------|E---9-h-10-p-9--9-h-10-p-9--9-h-10-p-9--9-h-10-p-9--9-h-10-9--|
verse 1 (bar chords) Bb X 2 F play intro but only twice all X 2 Bb X 2 F intro twice again not what you take but what you leave, i never though you could see its more than a fantasy, you are only bad dreams chorus G X 4 strums your dead mind .etc. Bb X 4 strums F (1st position) X 8 strums all X 2 G X 4 stums Bb X 4 strums F (8th position) X 8 strums verse 2 play intro bit an then play verse 1 how could this be so real i thought it would bleed an heal you never let go of me theres no way to be free
chorusinterlude (actually played on an electric sitar, but this soundsalright)E------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------------------|D-------12-------12--12-----------------12-----12--12---11---| X 6A-----12-------12--12-----------------12-----12--12-----11---|E--10-------10------------9/10--10--10-----10---------9------|she says you wont leave me aloneshe said you wanted to be left aloneetc
verse 3 (repeat verse 2) how much is enough would you just turn to dust i wanted you to believe this ia how it could be chorus finish with intro Want any songs tabbed? e-mail me at with your requests
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