Killjoys – Today I Hate Everyone tab

     -----THE KILLJOYS-----

this is my first tab so give me sh*t
Tuning..... Standard  E B G D A E

Verse One
Em            C           G              D
There's some days that I want to stay another day.
And there's some days that I just want to escape.
And every day just gets a little further from where I want to be.
I just want to sit alone and contemplate my fate.
For today I hate everyone.

G    D         C     
Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhhh. Today I hate everyone.   repeat

Verse Two There's a shadow creeping slowly over everything. And one more shadow won't help anything so go away. And if I hurt you well, I'm sorry, that was not my intention. I'll feel better if you won't come back another day. For today I hate everyone. Chorus
Verse Two (N.C. for first 8 bars) Chorus Bridge End on G. hope that this is a good tab i think it accurate
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