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From: Gary Chapman 

Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes   - transcribed by Gary Chapman

Part of the "tablature you didn't really want but got anyway" series.

The only recording of this song I have is an ancient and in mono. It's
missing the start and the finish.  I had trouble deciphering the lyrics.


Chords used:

Badd9 F Dm CE --1-- --1-- --1-- --0--|B --1-- --1-- --3-- --1--|G --3-- --2-- --2-- --0--|D --3-- --3-- --0-- --2--|A --1-- --3-- ----- --3--|E ----- --1-- ----- -----|
Keyboards parts arranged for guitar:
Fig. A Fig. BE -----1-------------------- -----1--------------1------|B --------1-----------3--1-- --------1--------------1---|G -----------3-----2-------- -----------3-----3---------|D --------------0----------- --------------3------------|A --1--------------------3-- --1-----------3------------|E ------------------------- -----------------------1----|
Fig. C Fig. DE -----1--------------1----- -----1--------------0--1--|B --------1--------3-----0-- --------1--------1--------|G -----------3--2----------- -----------3--0-----------|D --------------0----------- -----------------------0--|A --1--------------------3-- --1-----------3-----------|E -------------------------- --------------------------|
(These first 4 parts break down to the following chords: Fig.A: Bbadd9 Dm C Fig.B: Bbadd9 Bbadd9/C F Fig.C: Bbadd9 Dm C Fig.D: Bbadd9 C Dm )
Fig. E Fig. FE --------- --10---10-11-13----10---8---8---8---8-10----10-11-13---10--8--|B --------- --------------------------------------------------------------|G --------- --------------------------------------------------------------|D --3-0-3-- --------------------------------------------------------------|A --------- --------------------------------------------------------------|E --------- --------------------------------------------------------------|
Fig G. (F) (Eb)E --8--------8--------8--------8--------|B ----10-------10-------10-------10-----|G -------10-------10-------10-------10--|D --------------------------------------|A --------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------|
--- Intro: (Fig.F) Fig.A Fig.C Fig.A Fig.C Verse 1: Her hair is Harlowe gold (Fig.A) Lips sweet surprise (Fig.B) Her hands are never cold (Fig.C) She's got Bette Davis eyes F F/A (Fig.E repeated) She'll turn the music on you (Fig.C) You won't have to think twice (Fig.D) She's pure as New York Snow (Fig.C) She got Bette Davis eyes (Fig.G) Chorus 1: Dm F Bbadd9 F And she'll tease you, she'll unease you, all the better just to please you. Dm F Bbadd9 F She's precocious, and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush. B Dm C (Fig.E & F) She's got Greta Garbo's standard size, she's got Bette Davis Eyes (Fig.C) x 2 Verse 2: (Fig.E repeated) She'll let you take her home (Fig.C) Whets her appetite (Fig.B) She'll lay you on the throne (Fig.C) She's got Bette Davis eyes F F/A She'll take a tumble on you (Fig.C) Roll you like you were dice (Fig.D) Until you come up blue (Fig.C) She got Bette Davis eyes Chorus 2: She'll expose you when she snows you. Hope you breathe with the crumbs she throws you. She's ferocious and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush All the boys used to think she's a spy, she's got Bette Davis eyes. --- Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman) -------------------------
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