Kina Grannis – Down And Gone tab

                              Down and Gone                                   
                                                              by Kina Grannis

tab by Poncherello

  Hi there all you Kina fans, this is the first tab i've posted and it was a bit
more challenging then i'd like to admit.  Anyway just a few tidbits... Kina plays
this song with a capo on the 3rd fret.  But since i have a Y chromosome and i cant
sing as high or as well as Kina i prefer tuning the guitar down half a step and
playing the song from there.  For you guyz learning how to play this you'll
probably agree with me.  

  So this is what i could whip up in short notice... a few people on youtube
requested the tab and this is completely what i've come up with on my own.  May
not be 100% correct but its pretty close.  Follow along with Kina's youtube video
and you should be set.  I can put more detailed tabs up if some people find it 
necessary or if you have questions i'll answer what i can.  Just drop me a 
message on here and i'll get back to ya.

Modified Chords Used: G C E|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------||--------2-----2-----||--2-----3-----2-----||--3-----------------|
For this song you have to focus on the bass notes and simply let the open strings ring out. The X's are where you slap the strings lightly, this is a bit difficult to get used to but it's important to get it down first to get into the groove of the song.
Main Riff:E||----------------|--------------------|--------------------------|B||--------0----x--|-------0----x-------|-----0--x-----0--x--------|G||--------0----x--|-------0----x-------|-----0--x-----0--x--------|D||--0--2----------|--------------------|--------------0--x--------|A||----------------|--2--------------0--|--3-----------------0--3--|E||----------------|--------------------|-----------3--------------|
Lyrics: Verse1: E C Blue like my hands G C Blue like my heart G C G I drown inside E C G So it came that i settled for C G C G This raft in mind (PRE-CHORUS) E C D C Drift away, away, away down Verse2: You never fell i picked you up I'm waking up early No one ever feels like they're perfect But i feel we're perfect here Pre-Chorus: I've got to speak My eyes can't keep Chrous: G E this secret down and gone away I'm feeling it shouldn't be long G E until we both remember why E Why we kept each other around all this time Verse3: I sensed you'd come around, boy And here we stand It is so strange how we've come so far and nothing's changed Pre-Chrous We are what we are Come so far Chorus: To keep me down and gone away I'm feeling it shouldn't be long until we both remember why Why we kept each other around all this time
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