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Kina Grannis – Mr Sun chords

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A F#m*The spring time brings out
E (D)The brightest green in things
A F#m*And Tiny sprouts push
EThe soil from their way
D E AMr. Sun, please don't go away
F#m E'cause the winter saddened all the flowers
A DAnd the ocean turned to gray
F#m EAnd the sky cried out for days and days
D E AMr. Sun, please don't go away
A F#m*The birds and bees all sing
E (D)Happy things as they fly into the sky
A F#m*And lonely trees will grow
EFamilies in their leaves
D E AMr. Sun, stay here won't you please
F#m A(mmm....)
F#m A(mmm....)
Bm A E A(
*= Different F#m:|--------------||--2-----------||--2-----------||--------------||--------------||--2-----------|
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