King Crimson - Larks Tongue tab

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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 12:53:18 -0500
From: Taylor Sherman 

by King Crimson

[transcribed by Taylor Sherman]


A B Play part (A) 3 times, then:
Then part (A) once, then part (B) once, then:
Then some unknown chord w/ same rhythm as Ax1 Bx1 Then:
Then another unknown chord Ax1 Bx1, then the same pattern as above but at different frets. This happens once again, the pattern is always the same it's just modulated to another fret. Then:
The first measure here is in 11/8, counted: ONE two Three FOUR five Six SEVEN eight Nine TEN Eleven (with Caps=upbeat, ALL CAPS=downbeat) Then the next few are in 5/4, counted: ONE two Three FOUR five Six SEVEN Eight NINE Ten Each time (but one) they come in to the quieter building parts, the first measure is in 11/8 as above, then they settle into 5/4. At the end of one of the building sections, RF plays:
(even eighth notes) Then the bass kicks in for two bars of 5/4, then the whole band kicks in with RF playing the above, which is in 4/4 it turns out. I think at this point they cease playing in the same time measure. . .have to check that one out. I know there are some errors in this, and I've left some things out, so feel free to append as necessary. Taylor Sherman
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