King Kobra – Dream On tab

Band-King Kobra
Song-Dream On
Album-Thrill of a Lifetime(1986)

I don't know why I'm bothering to tab this, nobody knows who king kobra is(they were
80's metal band) and there is not one tab of them on here so nobody cares about them. So I
I would at least tab the intro to their song dream on. It's a good song and my favorite. 
Here you go

Drum Fill

Then come in with this, this riff won't sound right unless your pickup switch is in the 
the way up

I didn't have my guitar with me, so I tried to remember it

Intro(this is such a kick ass riff)e|---------------------------------------------|b|---------------------------------------------|g|-19~~--18-19-14~~-19-17~-19-17-19-20br-17-19-|d|---------------------------------------------|a|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
This sounds perfect when I play it, so if you think it sounds wrong, your not playing it right. I'll Submit the rest later if anybody wants it, this song is just a bit hard to hear but working on it. Legend b=Bend br= Bend then release ~Vibrato
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