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King Krule – Has This Hit chords

[Part 1]
Cmaj7 Cmaj9 Another disappointed soul
Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7Well I tried, I tried to keep it in control
Cmaj7 Cmaj9Well I, I will end up on the dole
Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7It's my life, and I'll fall into that goal
Cmaj7 Cmaj9And well Blue you've got me on the go
Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7But don't worry, you'll never know
Cmaj7 Cmaj9And your eyes, they're never cold
Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7To me, well at least, that's what I've been told
Cmaj7 Cmaj9And girl, you made my dreams come true
Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7It’s all a clue, that it was all for you
Cmaj7 Cmaj9My self is still waiting in queue
Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7It’s all that I, well all I want to do
Cmaj7I know when I look into the sky, There is no meaning
N.CGirl I’m the only one believing, And that there’s nothing to believe in
N.CI’m dreaming, My aspirations got a ceiling, Well I’m constantly cleaning, The scars of your dealings
Cmaj7 Cmaj9 Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7And well my guts are on the floor, For you to adore me, And all that I could be
Cmaj7 Cmaj9 Cmaj11 Cmaj7/Gb Cmaj11 Cmaj7 Cmaj7And see, girl, what I say, On the horizon, The skies are grey, The skies are grey
[Part 2] Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/C Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/C
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/C(Has this hit?)
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CSee girl I wish it hit, You know I wish it hit
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CYou see I’m tired every night, See things never seem quite right
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CI’m never fully content, I wish it worked and went
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CWell for once, But if you’re a cunt and people are cunts, They pull stunts to stunt your progress
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CBut know it’s slow to digest, The way your insides stress
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CYou’re not blessed, You’re definitely not blessed
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CI don’t deserve history repeating itself, I always see myself getting picked up and left back on the shelf
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CAgain and again and again and again, You're not my pen, You're my paper
Em/C Am/C Am7 G7 Em/CYou're not my heart, You're its breaker
Am7 G7 Em/C Am7 G7 Em/C Am7 G7 Em/C You're its breaker
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