Kingsmen – Jolly Green Giant tab


	In duh valley of duh jolly...  (Ho - ho - ho)

	Wow!  [rimshot]

Verse 1:

	 F7              Bb          F7       C7
	Heard about the Jolly Green Giant  (potatoes)
	F7      Bb       F7    C7
	He's so big and mean  (artichoke hearts)
	    F7                             Bb
	He stands there laughin' with his hands on his hips
	             C7 [N.C.]
	And then he hits you with a can of beans

	guitar (doubled w/organ); played after each verse:

(C7) (F) v v v v v ---------------------|---| ---1-----------------|---| -----3-1-3h5p3-1-----|---| -----------------3-1-|-3-| ---------------------|---| ---------------------|---| ^^^^^ triplet
Verse 2: He lives down there in his valley (Brussels sprouts) The cat stands tall and green (spinach) Well, he ain't no prize, and there's no women his size And that's why the cat's so mean Bridge 1: E F [N.C.] One day he left E F [N.C.] His valley pad E F [N.C.] I mean to say E F [N.C.] This cat was mad E F [N.C.] Now listen 'round E F [N.C.] He wasn't gone long E F F# G [N.C.] C7 And then he ran into an Amazon Verse 3: Well, this changed his whole complexion (broccoli) He had never seen such a beautiful sight (corn) Well, he looked at her And she looked at him And she almost passed out from fright Bridge 2: He looked at her Thought, "what a dilly" He touched her once She slapped him silly This was something He had never sensed He looked at her As she commenced Now listen, pal This ain't no fluke "I can't see goin' with a big green kook" Verse 4: You've heard about the Jolly Green Giant (eggplant) Don't let his troubles cross your mind (celery stalks) He couldn't get Sally, so went back to his valley The cat was color-blind [repeat verse w/wordless vocal] ... (carrots) ... (canned beans) [repeat guitar/organ riff; end cold on F] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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