Kino - Pachka Sigaret tab version 1

This is a really easy song, "Pachka Sigaret" by "Kino", because it's nearly
the same. I wrote the rhythm and chord below the line (S=Sixteenth, E=Eight,
Q=Quarter). Please comment and rate. If you have questions, send me
an e-mail (

Guitar 1 (Kasparjan):

    E E    E  E  E  Q  E  E  E   Q  E  E  E  E  E  E    E  E  Q  E  E  E  E

eI--5----------------I----------3--0--------------3-----------5-------IBI-----7-----0--0----I-------1--------1--------1-----1-----7-----7----IGI--------5--------5-I-2--2--------------2--0-----------7-------------IDI-------------------I----------------------------------------------2-IAI-------------------I------------------------------------------------IEI-------------------I------------------------------------------------I Q E E Q E E S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
eI--3--2--0-II BI--0--0--0-II This GI----------II is DI----------II repeated AI----------II in the EI----------II song several times. Q Q Q Guitar 2 (Tsoy):
eI--0-----0---0---0----0---0-I--2----2---2---0----0---0-II Repeat BI--1-----1---1---1----1---1-I--3----3---3---0----0---0-II duringGI--2-----2---2---0----0---0-I--2----2---2---0----0---0-II theDI--2-----2---2---2----2---2-I--0----0---0---2----2---2-II wholeAI--0-----0---0---3----3---3-I---------------2----2---2-II song.EI---------------------------I---------------0----0---0-II Q E E Q E E Q E E Q E E Am C D Em
Note: The strumming pattern for guitar 2 is always down, down, up.
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