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Kira And The Kindred Spirits – Rhapsody tab

   / Kira and The Kindred Spirits /  I think this song is about Kira's
  / The Rhapsody                 /  relationships, which she was never wise
 / This Is Not An Exit          /  enough to know what to do with. It's
/______________________________/  basically about not knowing what to do with
                                 yourself and where to stand.

Am/e F G/d E7 C G/d(2) d Em B E5 F#5 G5 Bb Ame-------------------------------3------2---0---------------------------------|B--------------------5----5-----3------3---0----4-------------------3--------|G---5------5---------7----5-----4------2---0----4-------------------3----5---|D---7------7----9----6----5-----x------0---2----4---2----4-----5----3----7---|A---7------8----x----7----3-----5----------2----2---2----4-----5----1----7---|E--------------10--------------------------0--------0----2-----3---------5---|
Intro: | Am/e F | Am/e F | 1. Vers: ---7/9- Am/e F Am/e F G/d* *--x--- I've seen love escape out of my hands before --10--- Am/e F Am/e F G/d Like a captive bird long awaiting the tilt of the door E7 C And it seems that it's all I withhold, keeps you coming for more G/d(2) That it's all I don't tell D Keeps you under the spell Omkvæd: C Won't you stay a while and comfort me Em Relieve me of my sanity C Make me part of a greater totality B I'd surrender it all for a fantasy Mellemspil: | Am/e F | Am/e F | 2. Vers: Am/e F Am/e F G/d Darling, kiss me again I will try to pretend that I'm with you Am/e F Am/e F G/d But my heart is on hold, resisting it's ache to sink with you E7 C If you master the word, then you know of it's longing to trick you G/d(2) And then it's all I don't tell D Keeps you under the spell Omkvæd: C I was warned of the search of sagacity Em Of desolating my destiny C Of becoming a victim of vanity B But I'm still in love with the rhapsody Bridge: | E5 F#5 | G5 d | C | C | | E5 F#5 | G5 d | C | B | | E5 F#5 | G5 d | Bb | B | Omkvæd: C I tried Valium and Ecstasy E5 F#5 G5 Am None of which have set me free C I tried Sigmund Freudian therapy B d And it seemed to get the best of me C I tried the arms of strong men you see E5 F#5 G5 Am None of which have rescued me C And I tried and tried just to let it be B But I do not have the capacity
Outro: Am/e -/g -/f# -/F Em/b-------------------------------------------------7------|-----------5------------5----------5--------5----8------|--------------5-----------5-----------5-------5--9------|-------7-----------5-----------4---------7----5--9------|-------7---------------------------------8-------x------|-------------------------------------------------7------|'Cause I have seen love escape out of my hands before...
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